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I still search for a artist for a board game.
Already got the game board developed, but the biggest challange is to do the illustration for the box and the game board, so it be very attractive.

What nees to be drawn:

The theme are the icelandic santa clauses. Funny fellows. I am thinking of colourful board and clean outlines. Most of the illustrations are just persons/objects without background. Then we have one game board size aproximately 44x24cm. and a the game box. See below the details.

(illustrations needed):
15x small gift illustrations, no background, so its simple.
15x children illustrations (no background either) just different colourful faces of children that will get the gifts. (sample:… )
1 x game board illustration (44x24cm)
1x box illustration (24x26 cm.x7cm.)
Designing one "distater card".

Most of those designs are basic, no background, except the game board and box, that need to be very attractive.

Budget is 600 USD.

If you send note, please keep in subject "Board game" because I have other job posts on Deviantart at current.
I am looking for a layout for a cookbook. i got photos ready and text. but need a designer to create some retro style feeling for insides, and cover should be designed in retro style as well. I will provide photo of the chef, which should appear inside some retro style kitchen or similar... or at least some retro style background.


For indesign work, my budget is not high. I usually get layout for very competitive prices, but now I seek slightly more graphic approach, so I just ask artists to send me note with a quote.

Its 50 receipts (one page is photo, other text and retro style overlay)
I been recruiting several artists lately and need more for these remaining projects:
I am a publisher in Iceland,, publishing about 35 books a year. Its a small market, thus the projects are on tight budget:

1. Board game
Colourful and attractive to children. Its about the icelandic santa clauses, and them bringing children gifts. What I need is illustration for the board, the box, 13 children faces, and 13 objects. Budget 500 USD.

2. Lake Worm - re-illustration of a children book thatīs sold out.
Need someone to illustrate a book i already published. The scenes are same, just new style to pimp it up. 24 pages + cover. Soft fantasy style or colourful cheerful approach. Budget is 600 USD.

3. Postcards. 35 USD each illustration. It requires alot of humour. People need to laugh of the sarcastic jokes on the postcards. But they must be colourful. Not much background. 35 USD each illustration.

4. Cover pieces. Artistic and cheerful cover needed. Also a fantasy cover in line with Rick Riordan books.

I will review all that post on the wall/send a note, but only reply to those that be considered for the jobs.

Thanks for your interest!
I need illustrator(s) to make funny postcards. At current there will be about 12-14 cards, each paying 20-30 USD, depending on complexity and style of artist.

They donīt all need alot of details, but they need talented artist, to make them work... so that the humour will get through... Some donīt even need background, but 2-3 are more realistic then humour...

One example.
Thereīs a guy, almost naked, just wearing Wool underpants, a shaved goat next to him, and a icelandic flag. And the text says "I tried Icelandīs Nr. 1 fashion trend".

Another sample.
The icelandic elfs...
(illustration of a drunk elf laying in the street)
...come out after dark!

The same artist, if talanted, can do several or even all the postcards.

Some of the styles I found on internet, that might work, but of course I am open for all styles, bright and attractive, that bring out humour and laughter:




+ bright and fun colours. Funny characters! Clean background in most.
I am always on the look for talented artists. I publish in Iceland, so budget is tight (small country) but I have worked several times with many of the artists and deadlines are very flexible. So keep your eyes open for job-offerings :)


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Huginn Þór Gretarsson

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Como casi todos, tenia un navidad vacaciones...
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you send note
huginnthg Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012
Yes, I await your ideas for Caroline book :)
Emuzin2 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2012
hi thanks for visiting---do you think you could answer a note or two please----i see that you keep posting that you need artists or a artist to work with you----I have experience and have already lined up a few things for each of your projects----note all samples are not goijng to match each post clients needs exactly----but for the most part---I am able to give a rough preliminary sketch---layout or such to show the post client (in this case you) that I am willing to work with you to do your projects). Simply----a note of Ya or Nay would help. Cheers---and TY in advance----Maxx
huginnthg Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012
I get so many applications I only reply to those that fit each job. I have posting several ads now because I have couple of projects being launched.

Will have many more later this year, but mostly finished now hiring.
Emuzin2 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012
did you finish the potty training books---cause I had some really unique toddler toilet caricatures for that
huginnthg Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012
Yes, potty book started and is going great :)
Lineart ready for the entire book and now colouring phase starting.

What I am missing is a cover for a poem book, but I have one likely candidate, and then short children book Joe which also I found one artist that I like alot for that, waiting to see his approach.

Then probably I wait to launch about 10 books around november, but might need 1-2 more projects this summer. Not sure.
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jarist84 Featured By Owner May 10, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
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